Bienvenue à vous,    Welcome on board !
My passion for painting goes back to my childhood, my father being a woodcarver, he passed on to me his love of beauty and I owe him a lot.
I developed my sensitivity and artistic practice through observation and understanding of the world around me: nature, trees and animals.
I think nothing is pure coincidence; every tree in the Garden of Life has its reason to be here and now. My creations are enriched as and my personal evolution.
My artistic approach also involves the creation of my "Chamanimaux" shaman-animals.
We all have one or more Totem animals, archetypes whose energies and presence inspire us and guide us throughout our lives.
I help with my creations to recognize each other's power animals and intuitively compose a unique painting. This inspired research makes it possible to harmonize and reconnect with its full potentials in a simple and aesthetic way.
I materialize what I perceive of your animals of power and create this subtle link on the canvas.
"Be yourselves islands and your Self be your only refuge" » Sahyamuni

 Guiblin Nathalie